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High / Draughtsman Chairs

High / Draughtsman Chairs

High Desk Chairs upholstered in a choice of stylish modern fabrics or vinyls. Ideal for areas where you need a higher than usual seating position such as work benches, retail counters etc.

Draughtsman Office Chair

High chair that can also be used in a light industrial environment such as warehouses, retail outlets, high street bank counters etc.

Upholstered in fabric or vinyl.

Ergonomic High Back Draughtsman Chair

High quality draughtsman tall chair upholstered in a stylish modern fabric or vinyl.

Fitted a high fully adjustable back rest and tilting seat.

Fully Ergonomic Industrial Chair High

High industrial chair fitted with fully ergonomic mechanism allowing for full seat and back adjustment.

Laboratory Chair High

Laboratory Chair High with cushioned wipeable vinyl. Upholstered in anti bacterial vinyl.

High ergonomic polyurethane chair

Resilient high workshop chair with a padded polyurethane seat and back that can be washed or wiped clean.

Suitable for almost all industrial applications.

High deluxe ergonomic polyurethane chair

Deluxe high polyurethane fully ergonomic chair.

This extra wide seat and back is contoured for greater comfort.

High polyurethane heavy duty chair 160kg / 25stone

Compliant with EN 16139:2013 - Test Level 2 - Furniture strength, durability. High polyurethane chair suitable for Industrial, Laboratory and Healthcare use.

Industrial Upholstered Chair High

Draughtsman chair upholstered in heavy-duty fabric or vinyl.

Supplied with adjustable chrome footring.

ESD Anti Static Fully Ergonomic Chair High

ESD high chair in fabric or vinyl fitted with adjustable seat and back mechanism.

Supplied with adjustable foot ring and feet or castors. ESD arms rests are also available.

Polypropylene Chair

Polypropylene high chair constructed from a plastic seat shell with gas lift height adjustment. Fitted with an aluminium base and adjustable foot ring.

Dental Upholstered Chrome Stool High

High round dental upholstered stool

Fitted with castors or feet and an adjustable foot ring.

Polyurethane Stool

High adjustable stool constructed with a polyurethane seat that can be washed clean. Fitted with a chrome foot ring.

Posture Stool

Posture stools are designed mainly for operators performing standing tasks. Height adjustable and constructed with a polyurethane seat that can be washed clean.

Chrome Tractor Seat Stool with Adjustable Foot Ring

Deluxe contoured chrome posture stool designed for operators performing standing tasks.

Height adjustable with chrome base, adjustable foot ring, and polyurethane seat that can be washed clean.